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We at Debt Freedom are dedicated to helping those who are going through financial hardships. Whether it is high interest rates that never allow you to pay off balances, high balances that would take years to pay off, or even the inability to keep paying minimum payments.

Some guidelines:

Must be 10k minimum debt
No secured debts, such as auto, homesNo student loans or Federal credit unionsMust have some source of income

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  • Settle Unsecurred Debt at 20-40 cents on the dollar
  • Free Debt Analysis/Review of Current Situation
  • Free QuoteTASC Certified
    (The Association of Settlement Companies)
  • BBB Accredited Business
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Unsecured debt is any debt that is not secured with collateral or a physical asset. Examples of unsecured debt include: credit cards, personal bank loans, merchant/gas/store cards, lines of credit, hostpital/medical bills, and collection agencies.

Our service cannot help you with any of the following debts, which are classified as secured debt: home/real estate loans, auto loans (before repossessio), IRS tax liens, alimony, government-backed student loans, and child support.

Debt Freedom is a member of (TASC) The Association of Settlement Companies.
This trade association has developed a standardized industry disclosure for consumers.

Debt Freedom does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. If a CONSUMER needs legal advice, legal expertise or court filings, CONSUMER must seek advice of an attorney. Debt Freedom, Inc. does not assist in the repair, modification, improvement, extension or correction of credit entries or reporting.

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